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Race regulations of the " Loire 725 " 2022


Dates and times


The race will start on Sunday June 19th 2022 at 6 am in Roanne (Loire, Auvergne-Rhône Alpes) in front of the Fire Station, (Centre d’Incendie et de Secours) ; GPS 46*02*26.6**N 4*05*11.8**E.

The race will finish at Palmboeuf (Loire Atlantique, Pays de la Loire) in front of the Lighthouse of La Chaussée Neuve. The race will end on Saturday 25th at 10pm, GPS 47*17*25.5**N 2*01*57.3**W.


One simple rule : the participants will paddle following the sun using either a single or double paddle without any other means of propulsion (engine oar, sail…) from 6am to 10pm. You will be allowed to go beyond this time by a maximum of 30 minutes, but this time must be made up the following morning. For example : If I stop at 10.12pm, then I may not leave before 6.12am the next morning.

Compulsory stops

For security reasons cut-off times will be applied.

Bec d'Allier Km 191: must be crossed before Monday 20 at 5pm

Orléans (Pont royal) km 365: must be crossed before Wednesday 22 at 10am

Bouchemaine (Club Nautique) : must be crossed before Friday 24 noon


The tracker will be used as proof.

3 compulsory stops will be made for material and medical checks.

There are three compulsory stops for material and medical checks. During these stops refreshments will be provided by the race organisers.
The first of these is Km 218 at Charité sur Loire, the second is Km 424 at Blois, and the third is Km 625 at Bouchemaine (Club Nautique).

You will be given the GPS references.


Boats / numbers / trackers

Boat categories accepted : kayak K1 and K2, canoe C1 and C2, dug-out canoe OC1 OC2 V1 V2, stand up paddle monoplace and biplace. All boats must be unsinkable or with boyancy reserves.

The number of bibs will be limited to 200 boats, including a maximum of 50 in relays.

This race can be done in relays. The relays will be at the choice of participants but the number of relayers will be limited. One relayer for each monoplace, and a maximum of two for each biplace. A special relay classification will be set up.

Each boat will be handed a GPS tracker supplied by « Loire 725 » in order to follow its route. The maximum time allowed for the race is 7 days, arriving by Saturday 25th at 10pm. A deposit of 150€ will be required for the tracker and the bib which will be returned on arrival. In the case of abandonment the team will have to go to the finish point in order to have their deposit returned.

Respect for the natural environment/supplies/logistics/equipment


Each participant manages their logistics and supplies as they see fit ; the rule being to leave from where they disembarked to eat, spend the night…the tracker will be the proof.


I draw your attention to places to disembark, and thus to embark ; these must be sites on the
waterway already made for this purpose – slipways, quays, landing stages etc. The aim is to avoid any damage to the bank, disturbance of nesting sites, habitats of beavers and others in the otter family.


Everything must be done in respecting the interdiction to disembark, and of course to camp on any of the islets and sandbanks, as well as in the zones clearly identified as being at environmental risk, a list of which zones will be sent to all participants by e-mail in advance of departure.


Throwing anything out of the boat, whatever it may be, is strictly prohibited, and the waste material produced by competitors (taking refreshments on the water for example) must imperitively be given to the obligitory support vehicle at each meeting. In addition, all the competitors must strive to adopt the attitude and way of movement which is least disturbing for the fauna of the Loire, in particular for birds, some of which may be in the end of their nesting period. Using drones is strictly forbidden the entire length of the route, except for the departure area at Roanne, at Bouchemaine on the Nautical base, as well as the finish point at Paimboeuf.
Be clear, any infringement of these rules may result in a criminal charge, as well as expulsion from the event.
The Loire is the last wild river in Europe, let us keep it that way !!


Each boat must have a support crew on land. One support crew may serve several boats. In this case, these latter should stay together so that the support crew can follow and ensure the security of the group. The relay team may act as a support crew.

Any abandonment must be reported to the race organiser immediately. In this case the boat and the competitor(s) will be taken in charge by the support crew. The wearing of a life jacket meeting FFCK standards for the river will be compulsory for all boats, including the SUP. For the stand-up paddle the use of a leash will be forbidden up to Bouchemaine, and compulsory from Bouchemaine to Paimboeuf.
Each boat must carry a waterproof mobile phone, an external fully charged battery, and for each crew member a survival blanket, a whistle and a waterproof headlamp.


It is mandatory for the support crews to supply their telephone co-ordinates.

Ranking / registration conditions

Rankings will be decided by category of boat, and by women, mens and mixed ; the same applies for the relays.
If however, a boat does not manage to arrive within the time limit, its ranking will be based on the number of kilometres covered, the tracker being used as proof.
Registration will be open to holders of FFCK and FFS licenses, whose licenses are up to date with the mention « Competition ». For those without licenses and foreigners it will be necessary to provide proof of insurance suitable for this type of competition taking into account a possible repatriation.


An « open » license will always be possible with a medical certificate which mentions competition in canoe, kayak, or stand up paddle.
Please note that a sports curriculum vitae will be requested at the time of registration ; The
organisers will have the right to refuse the candidate if they consider the level or the experience of the latter insufficient.

Rates per boat:


Monoplaces 250€ (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 snacks for two people)
Biplaces 450€ (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 snacks for three people)
Monoplace in relay 400€ (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 snacks for 2 people)
Biplace in relay 600€ (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 snacks for 4 people)


This price includes the rental of a GPS tracker. A deposit of 150 € will be required.



Any breach of the above regulations may lead to disqualification by the race management, without compensation.


A very complete guidebook made by Jean-François SOUCHARD will be very

useful,essential even.

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